Philips dvdr16ls not recognized as a LS burner

I have just bought a Philips dvdr16ls, Works fine when it comes to burning but it is not recognized as a Lightscribe device when I try to print.

Tried with the Nero edition that came with the burner, and it does not recognize it as Lightscribe device when I try to print. ( I can click on the start printing, but nothing happens as the Choose device optins is blank)
Then I updated the Nero to 6.0.15 version and then the lightscribe label option disappeared from the Nero start smart menu?

Downloaded the free “Surething CD labeler” but when I try to print a label it tells me that there is not any Lightscribe devices on my system.

The Philips is recognized by Windows as Philips DVDR16ls

Anyone that has any idea of what I can try to do.
I’m running Windows XP

I have tried to download lightscribe driver from Nero but it does not help

Did you upgrade your firmware to latest one? ->
Did you download and install the Lightscribe Host? ->

Yes, I have updated to the 1.8 firmware and also tried the lightscribe host.
But my recorder Is still not working as an LS device.

I even removed my other DVD device and installed my Philips as a master and as the only DVD device on my system. reinstalled both Nero and the surething labeler. But still no luck.

Do I need any special driver for the philips? There was no CD with any drivers. There is one on the Nero CD but that is only for windows 98.

Maybe I should try to install my Philips in my friend’s computer. if it does not work there either, then the Philips device must be faulty.

Anyone heard of compability problems with this Philips drive and Fujitsu/siemens computers?


I don’t believe its a compatibility problem as one or two people have posted similar such problems in this forum before so its most likely a software problem.

For me it was a piece of cake installed LS driver from supplied Nero CD (twas the latest LS driver at the time) as I already had a new version of Nero, rebooted computer and it was there.

Have you got any of the following installed is I’d remove them just in case as they “could” be a source of the problem;
Intel Application Accelerator
Nvidia IDE drivers
VIA IDE drivers

You should also go into control panel->Administrative services->Services and check to make sure that the Lighscribe service is started and its startup type is set to automatic.

I don’t have any first hand exp. with LS drives, but I read somewhere that DMA is essential for LS to work.

hello again,
Thanks for your help, I have checked, and Yes, the lightscribe service is up and running and is set to automatic.

I think that my IDE driver is atapi.sys and the burner seems to be in DMA ultra mode 2
Not sure how to find out if I have any of the “Nvidia” or “VIA” drivers installed. I do not think that I have the “Intel application accelerator” installed, not sure how to find out either.

On my system the hard drives are connected to my primary IDE and the recorder are on the secondary IDE. I called Philips support and he wanted me to connect my Philips to the primary, and move one of the hard drives to the secondary. I don’t like to do that, cause first of all the IDE cables are not long enough to do that, second if that is what I have to do, then in my book the Philips recorder is faulty And they should make better hardware.

Anyone thinks that it really does matter if the Philips is connected through the primary or secondary IDE?

Thanks again,

No it shouldn’t make a difference whether its on the primary or secondary controller but is the drive set to master or slave on the secondary controller ?

To check what kind if chip-set you have its probably the easiest thing to do is go into the device manager and take a look at what it says are under the IDE/ATAPI Controllers and it will say what kind of drivers are being used.

One other thing is to remove the dvdr16ls from the device manager its listed under CD/DVD-ROM drives right click on it and select uninstall and also do the same for the secondary IDE controller and let windows re-detect and install both.

The drive is set to master on the secondary IDE controller.
I have tried to remove the drive in the device manager a few times already.
And I have now tried to remove the secondary IDE controller too.

Both has been redetected and reinstalled but still no ligtscribe. :frowning:

I have ruled out hardware failure as I tried to install the philips on my friends brand new computer yesterday. And it worked on his computer.

Can Norton internet security or Zonelabs firewall have anything to do with my problems?
Think I’m going to try shutdown both and then try to install it again tonight.

Again, It works perfect as a dvd-cd burner but it will not lightscribe.



I tried to reinstall again, after first turning off all the antispyware and firewalls etc, but still no luck.

I noticed that after installing Nero I was not promted to restart computer to finish the instalation. ( I had to do that on my friend’s computer)

I’m close to giving up now.

Any ideas on where I can look? I have tried to google to se if I can find any other posts in forums with the same kind of problem. But I did not find anything yet…

Did you do a clean un/re-install or just uninstall Nero and install it again ?

If you didnt do the clean install try this;

After uninstalling Nero delete whatever is left behind e.g the Nero folder and anything hidden in the C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\Ahead folder.

Also delete the C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe folder

Then will all that out of the way I would reboot the computer reinstall Nero reboot, and now install the LS driver and reboot once more and see what happens, if it still doesnt work I’m out of ideas I’m afraid (well you could format the hard drive but that would mean re-installing WinXP along with all the rest of your software but I would bet that solves the problem).


The past few weeks when I started the computer there was a window that pops up from Norton internet security, trying to install what is already there! Norton was up and running but still tried to install??. and there was a window that said somthing like this “this MSI must be open during installation”
I had to close that window three times to make the whole thing go away.

So I uninstalled the Norton, But something probably went wrong, so when I tried to Install it again, it stopped and gave me some failure msg about having to unistall (I could’nt uninstall since Norton was already gone ) .
So I removed some of the files manually as described on Norton’s support site.
Rebooted and tried again, but this time, halfway through the installation, my computer just went black and restarted , so now it stops, go black, and restarts, goes black, restarts etc.etc.etc :sad:

Since the computer is three years old, Norton screwed up my windows (guess it was Norton) and Lightscribe did’nt work and bla, bla ,bla.

well, to make a long story short, I just bought my self a new computer instead of struggeling with the old one.
And lucky me , Lightscribe is working on this one :slight_smile: yeehaaa!
Burning my first label as I write this.

Thanks for trying to help me out 8T8. I really appreciate your help :bow:
Format and Reinstalling was next on my list to try out.

did it work after reinstalling windows?

becouse i have the same problem, and my pc is just 6months old…so, buying a new pc is not an option for me…


first i bought a Benq 1625, lightscribe didn’t work at all , they gave me another one, the second also didn’t work… now i have a philips16dvdls, and now i can start the software (nero)…and i have the same problem as you have…

Dear CDFreaks-Community,

yesterday i bought a new philips dvdr16ls burner and i got the same fuckin (sorry) problems, nero and surething doesn’t give me the feature to “burn” lightscribe-labels.

im very sad of this, because i spent 4hours in fixing the problem, without any results.

guess perhaps its cause im using win 2003 server edition, or because i didn’t used the host update. but i installed the delivered cd (nero suite),
and i readed the manual how to do this --> didn’t work.
updated the firmware to 1.9 (or was it 1.8?) --> didn’t work
uninstalled the whole shit package and downloaded newst nero version --> didn’t work
set the philips drive to master-ide-port --> didn’t work
going crazy --> didn’t work.

i will try to install the newest host-version, but i have not much hope in it.

thanks and see you

got it. thank you cdfreaks-community! thank you so much!!

without this thread i wouldn’t be come on the idea to download an additional software (lightscribe host update from surething).

but wtf, what are u doin philips? delivery a burner with no drivers and a software that isn’t compatible with the given hardware, thats really poor!
no where is a hint (whether on the dvd-package neither in the manual) that i have to download a “host update”.

but after 4.5 hours, lightscribe works, jeeepppyyyy =)
im lucky, lightscribe rulez, only problem is that i have to burn the labels twice, because if i only write it once, the contrast is not enough dark.

thanks, nowayz

Just do justice to post #2 in this thead posted 15/07

right, post#2 helped me to fix the problem.
but i dont understand philips, to deliver an uncompatible software, too bad

so when you installed the host software it worked?

mine still doesn’t and i tried everything you did…

i will try to install the drive on a friend’s pc, an if it works on his pc, then…yep, i do have a stupid pc with a stupid lightscribe drive that doesn’t works on my stupid system

and i just see that the firmware version talked about in post#2 is version 1.8 (upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8) but the firmware version of my drive is already the 1.8…

latest version of philips dvdr16ls is 1.9 -->

or direct download link