Philips DVDR16LS LightScribe

i was just wondering if n e 1 could help me out i would like to buy a Philips DVDR16LS LightScribe DVD-Writer could some 1 point me in the right direction
where to buy 1 i live in the uk

Well I’ve been keeping an eye out for the same drive but it’s not listed in any of the major online uk stores yet so a little bit longer to wait I think before you can buy one.

oh well hope its not to long my brive what ime using now has started to go slow so i thaught i would have a look for a new 1 wen i saw this i thaught thats the 1

Hi nield5437,

My local branch of PC World (SouthYorkshire) had them in stock about 2 weeks ago,£90.

Dunno if the still have them. Phone?

Hope this helps.



Edit: Also SVP are now stocking the HP 630i, which I believe is the BenQ.
(no fancy lights though)

Staples has them. Maybe you could pick up a dictionary while you’re there. :stuck_out_tongue:

boobytrap: do you ever add anything positive to a thread?

Telling him that they are at Staples is of no help to him — he lives in the UK.

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Well kool! Now he just needs to fly over here to pick one up! Geezzzzz

hehe but i thought it was funny :smiley:

Don’t think he needs a dictionary, he seems to comprehend better than you…

lol my spelling has alway’s been crap but who cares i still cant find that drive

But we do have a Staples here. Still, no sight of the drive.

We also have McDonalds, Nike, Disney Stores :stuck_out_tongue: (no sight of the drive in any of these either).


There is a staples in the UK, wise guy, and if you cant take a joke, then youve got to lighten up. Keep your attitude towards me outta the forums.

Do you?

Chill boy…

Just back off with the personal comments.

Now, now settle down boy… Let’s not turn this into another Litey Forum… A few less smart ass remarks like this one "here " would go a long way in keeping the peace…

First of all; off topic is not appreciated and personal attacks not tolerated!


Welcome to our forum, since I do not live in the UK, it is a bit difficult to help you out. But I have done some research and it looks like is going to sell the Philips DVDR16LS. The drive is not in stock at the moment – just marked as “Ask for Date”, maybe it would be worth asking them about when the drive will be available.

I actually emailed Staples UK, and they said that they MIGHT have them in the near future. And the crack about the dictionary was just a joke dude. :wink: :iagree:

Done Worry about that joke I dont take things to hart i lathed @ what u put hee hee
and thaks jan70 for the info and nice review on the drive as well