Philips dvdr16ls head "parking" problem

HELLO, i have some questions for you, maybe you can help me :
my dvdrw, philips 16ls didn’t read all the discs i put in it.
i updated the firmware, nothing. so i opened it. after a while i saw that the reading head doesn’t come to the initial read zone.
you have any ideea if there is a program that solve that “parking” problem.
… now my dvdr doesn’t read any media, blank or written.
please help.

Why did you open it instead of just RMA it!!!
There is absolutly no soft that will fix a hardware issue!

I guess some people want to know why certain problems happen and are not afraid to look. Good for you brutusphil, after all unoffical firmware voids the warranty also and many people use it. I dont know the answer to your question but I hope someone here can help you.