Philips DVDR16LS Failure Issue **New User



Hi All,

I hope one person will be able to guide me in the right direction to a possible solution to the problem I am experiencing.

I own the Philips DVDR16LS DVD Writer with Lightscribe. For a year + this has worked fine but now the tray will not close (Load).

The tray will open itself, appears to be quicker than normal but whilst pressing the eject button to load a CD/DVD it will attempt to go in but will not physically draw into the unit itself.

I have updated the firmware with the latest release after the start of the problems but with no luck.

I feel this is a hardware issue rather than software?

All ideas appreciated. Great forum database btw!


Hi and welcome!

I agree. Still any warranty?
If not, then browse through this forum, as there are some more posts about issues with the tray of Philips and Benq drives. Maybe some cleaning and regreasing will help.



Warranty has ran out I think, I’ll take another look though.

I’ll check through the archives, is this a common problem then?!


Looks like a hardware fault. Thank god drives are so cheap nowadays. Take advantage of the after-Chrismas sales/clearances and get yourself some new burning gear… :bigsmile: Also, remember to look for reviews of different drives in this forum before deciding which one to go for.