Philips DVDR1660 Burner


I’m new here, and trying to figure out why my dvds are all jerky and somewhat pixelated

I have a AMD Athon 2400+ at 2.0Ghz with 900MB of Ram with a 128 ATI Raedon 7000 videocard. The Burner is a Philips SolidBurn DVDR1660 with P1.3 Firmware.

All of the videos i try and burn are jerky video and clicking sound and are usually a MPG file, but using NERO 7 Express it transcodes it automatially. I have tried 4 different mediums (Maxell, RetailPlus, Memorex, and Sony) all from 1X to 16X and there is no difference. I had a friend try and burn the same file I have to see if it was the file itself and it burned flawlessly.

Could this be the burner is a dud?


there are not much media on your list, that are known to be top quality. Also the firmware of your drive seems slightly old. See if there is a newer version (Yes, there is).
Also check, if DMA is enabled for your drives, and if your computer is overclocked, then set it to stock speed.