PHILIPS DVDR1648P1 Constant fail with Lead In

hi there, im trying to use nero to do multiple burns at once, i have two drives on the same cable, the LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW 832S and the PHILIPS DVDR16481P, when i use nero to do a multiple burn on them both at the sametime the philips always fails on the lead in and the lite on never does but the philips is fine on its own? am i better of buying another drive?


forget about writing to two burners at once. There is no advantage in doing so. You don’t even save time with that.
Recently, there was a discussion about that in the Benq/Philips section.


well i do save sometime, on average writing to a single disc takes 9 minutes for a full dvd, however if i burn to at once, when it does work it only takes around 11 minutes so it is defiantly time saving, its just a matter of when it works :frowning: