Philips DVDR1648: what's the UK model no for this?

Hello. I’ve read the review for the Philips DVDR1648 and am convinced it would be good for me. I live in the UK and can’t seem to find it on the internet for UK stores. So does it have a different name/number for the UK market? if so, what is it and where can i buy it???

any help appreciated :iagree:

Hi and welcome.

If you don’t get this drive, then the Benq 1640, which has identical hardware might be an option.
But note, that this drive is outdated, successors are Philips 1660 and its brother, Benq DW 1650. You may check the Philips/Benq forum for further information and advice.


thankyou. most helpful.

i am now after the ‘Philips DVDR1660K’ and i’ve found a place to buy it :cool:

cheers :flower: