Philips DVDR1648 DVD-Writer Review

My first CD drive was the good old Philips 3610 (no overspeed at the time). Its a pitty it doesn’t support DVD-RAM and maybe LS or LF (to write labels).

I just posted the article Philips DVDR1648 DVD-Writer Review.

Philips was kind enough to send us the Philips DVDR1648. This drive supports 16x DVD±R, 8x/6x DVD+RW/DVD-RW and 8x/4x DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL writing technology, allowing Double/Dual Layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

Philips has a long history for developing optical drives and has in the past joined up with BenQ for manufacturing and developing optical drives. This strategy alliance seems to gain both BenQ and Philips. BenQ has the production facilities, while Philips designs chipset/electronic components as well as being on of the main DVD+R/RW developers.

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Is this drive equivalent of BenQ DW1650?

^dw1640 i believe

Yes, curious that the review fails to make direct comparisons to its BenQ equivalent. Otherwise, like all reviews, it’s well done.

Did you realize the PI-8 errors and PI-1 failures , they r the lowest numbers i’ve ever seen, they proof that PHILIPS iDVDR1648 s the best.