Philips DVDR1648 BenQ Suite/Nero problem

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this question, but

Anyway, I had BenQ Suite v. 2.1 installed on my machine for use on my Philips DVDR1648 burner. I then also installed Nero Solidburn Edition to use with my burner.

So, when burning with my Nero Solidburnedition, after finishing burning (luckily), I press the OK button and the program freezez and I can’t press the “Done” button or any other button to close Nero. I had to close it with the task manager. This has happened before. BenQ Suite was ofcourse not running while I was burning.

I then tried to uninstall the BenQ Suite and tried to burn with Nero again. This time it worked correctly (tried 2 times to be sure). It seems that BenQ Suite cannot be on the machine while burning with Nero Solidburn edition. Anyone had the same problem and know why ? Is it because the two programs tries to “control” the same thing ? Can for instance BenQ Suite function together with a version of Nero that is not a “Solidburn” edition ?

I might add that burning with DVDDecrypter together with BenQ Suite worked fine.

I cannot have Qsuit open and also burn with nero, I have to close Qsuit down (not uninstall) before nero will allow the drive to burn.

I think the new version of Qsuit holds the drive stopping burning ap’s from running but I have not yet had to uninstall Qsuit to get it all to work.