Philips DVDR1640P Firmware upgrade problem

I have just upgraded the above Drive from P2.4 to P3.4 and now my windows explorer dosent see it anymore, device manager sees it and the opening screen when I switch on sees it but windows doesent nor does Sandra or nero info tool. I’ve contacted philips who sugested changing round devices on my IDE controller setting. My original hardware before upgrade was:
A: Floppy
D: Philips DVDR
E: LG DVD rom
C and F on one IDE
D and E on one IDE
now after upgrading Drive D is missing from “My Computer”
If I put a CD/DVD in the drive the player itself decides what I put in then nothing happens. Nothing runs.
Does anyone know what or if i’ve done wrong.

Turn off comp.
Unplug and replug the IDE cable of your Philips.
Turn on comp and log on to windows.

It should detect it, if it dosen’t let us know.

it did at first but now it does’nt,when it did it could’nt find the drivers. tried to re install firmware but the drive did not appear in the options only the other one.

the bios see it on start up they always have, it,s just windows.