Philips DVDR1640P @ Benq DW1620

Philips DVDR1640P (October Batch)

Philips DVDR1640P (retail ) mod to Benq DW1620

*after flash to benq firmware… dvd blue (right side) led not fuctioning :slight_smile:

Step 1:

Step 2: (flash dw1600)

Step 3:


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Digitank 8x @12x !!

Thanks yangxi i have been looking forward for this crossflash. But i have a question , can you flash the drive back to philips 1640?

Hello yangxi and the other,
i´ll tried do do the same…

Same drive…same firmware (p2.2)
Step one works perfect but step two DON`T work!

“This firmware canno´t be update” is the error message…

Any idea?

My drive is now a “ATAPI DVD DD 16X4X16G7L9” and it doesn´t work anymore in Nero… )-:



Ok, Nero fooled me…updating Nero: the drive works!!!

@16x speed with my tevion 8x media (ricoh…)…COOL!

But witch drive do I actually own…?

“ATAPI DVD DD 16X4X16G7L9”? Is this a benq that I can update…?



But u might wanna change to the not oem version qhich is B7m9

step 2:

please use hex editor … change g7k9 -> g7l9

many, many thanks…

IT WORKS PERFECT; now I have benq 1620.

By using the the hexeditor opening the B5G9.exe the line 0000f390h look like this:6D11…35…FF and I changed it to G719…35…FF

Programm startet with warning that the firmware I want to flash is older than the one I am going to flash…and I get the benq 1600.

Step3—> no problem!

And the best: with my new benq1620 I have no problems with the nvidia ide drivers anymore.
philipps with p2.2 crashes windows while booting with the nvidia 5.10 ide drivers…



hey, the files are down. where to get it?
is it possible to re-flash to philips 1640?

Philips DVDR1640P (P2.2) @ Benq DW1620 (B7P9)


Benq DW1620 (B7P9) @ Philips DVDR1640P (P2.2)


You are great !!!
Thank you

Thanks yangxi, I have a question, can I use windwflash and B7P9.cvt directly to crossflash or do I have to follow the 3 steps you wrote.

now 1 STEP !!! don’t need crossflash

Philips DVDR1640P (P2.4)

Philips DVDR1640P (P2.4) can use QSCAN ??

Great thread/info/Tool !!!

I can have here Philips 1640 OEM (for cheaper than BenQs here :rolleyes: :eek: ) :

  • (PBDV)1640B / OEM black, or:
  • (PBDV)1640G / OEM white

Can that easy flash work on them too (or only with retails (DVDR)1640P so) ?!

:bow: :bow:

ok, it seems i have an answer :

excellent so!! :slight_smile: :bow: :iagree: :slight_smile:

@yangxi i need the B5G91.rar but this File doesnt Exist Anymore :sad:

Can you Help me pls? :bow: :bow:

! question dose overspeeding work on ant dvd-r disks?

Ok, Forgot my last Post! I´ve edited the Original Firmware! :bigsmile: :iagree: