Philips DVDR1640P 16x DVD Burner

Excellent! This will DEFINITELY save me a lot of money! I’m ALWAYS investing HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS replacing my lost and damaged DVD discs.

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Philips was kind enough to send us their latest DVD-Writer; the Philips DVDR1640P. This drive supports 16x DVD+R writing and DVD+R9 DL writing technology, allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written. Philips has enjoyed a long history of developing optical drives and has in the past joined up with BenQ for manufacturing and development. This strategic alliance seems to benefit both parties. BenQ has the production facilities, while Philips designs chipset/electronic components as well as being one of the main DVD+R/RW developers.

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start 1 week ago with the test version , know on voll all i need is the film , friend cannot tell if origianal or copy running on dvd player yamakawa. I like the programm , :slight_smile:

I was kindly informed that CopyToDVD released by the BlindWrite team will do the job as well. Best not to lay all yer eggs in one basket, there is no harm in trying this well established program !:wink: Yah never know you might like it:g Greetz The Diplomat:S
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UPDATE - Added two DVD+RW media. Can be found here:

Something caught my attention… some of those scans seemed too good to be true, and I noticed that your sampling count was in the 13000 range. That’s a whole order of magnitude lower than what it should be. Most KP scans have a sampling count in the range of 130000. Did you have realtime chart turned on during the scan? This will generally distort the error count downwards…

Thank you for fixing it. :X Those +R results indeed look pretty nice. :slight_smile: Wish I had one of these drives…

You cannot make a copy of a movie that is coppied on dvdxcopy xpress. better use dvd shrink. its better and its FREE.

you can’t copy a movie that has already been coppied by dvdxcopy xpress. better to use dvd shrink. besides its free.:):slight_smile:

You CAN copy a movie again that has been copied wih DVDXCopy. Just use the entire disc option. works every time.
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Has anyone received an Updates Available now screen upon opening DVDEXPRESS lately and if so do you think the update is valid being that 321 Studios no longer exist?