Philips DVDR1640 wont play Colin McRae 2005

Hi all,

I am desperately trying to find a solution to this. Colin McRae 2005 original DVD is unplayable with DVDR1640. The drive gets stuck at the point of authenticity check. The “checking disc” bar gets to half and then the drive crashes. I have sent this to Codemasters and they said a firmware upgrade is needed. I will try 2.2 but not so hopeful. Any ideas? Anyone?

Thank you.

Hi Onurt,

I have exactly the same problem, but with Knights Of The Old Republic - the program exits after startup with a securom error stating that the disk is not original.

It is, and the software worked with my old BTC and LG DVD drives…

I think this is a problem with firmware 2.0 (which I have).

Philips finally answered my support e-mail and have asked me to give them a call… (at my own expense of course).

I’ll post the response…



Bit of a mixed bag.

I spoke to tech support and was told that the drive was still undergoing testing, and I would be called back next week to discuss the game problem; which is nice… Not all that happy that they are still ‘testing’ the drive!

As to the problems burning disks, the support guy said that the drive is not compatible with x4 disks - x 8 is ok, but x4 may not work :frowning: Which was quite ironic, because the drive bombs out when writing to x8 +r verbatim AZO disks ( sees them as x12 and then gives up).

Feel less happy now than before the call.


Hi Howard Moon,

Thank you for sharing all. It seems that the drive were released before going through a quality check. You were very lucky, I was not able to get a response and quit after 10th mail. I will now try 2.2. Hope to share good news.


No. 2.2 is no good either. I cant play the game. I am very curious what they will do about this.

Sorry to hear that the 2.2 firmware doesn’t work.

I asked Philips support about it, but they said it wasn’t officially released and therefore wasn’t supported. Though its difficult to understand what support is being offer on this drive…

Gotta say that I’m very disapointed with them, but at the moment I’m stuck with it, and have to wait a see …

I’ll let you know what happens next week.



Just an update…

Philips technical support actually rang me yesterday at work (2 weeks late) and told me that the firmware upgrade I needed was on CDRINFO.COM.

I was a bit surprised as I monitor this forum and CDRINFO for updates everyday…

So I get home, go to the web site and… same 2.2 firmware. Funny how the first tech support guy told me that it wasn’t officially supported by them.

So I download, flashed the firmware, and still the same problem with KOTOR.

Jan70, is there any chance of getting Philips to comment on whether they are working on any of these problems?

Any help you’d be able to give would be appreciated, 'cause tech support are a brick wall at the moment.



Unbelievable, Philips should make their homework…

I couldn’t understand. Do you mean that Philips DVDR1640P can not write to 4x media?

Hi Duncansailor,

The tech guy said that as it was a x16 drive, it didn’t write to x4 media very well, and as a result, I should use it.

I can’t understand why that’s the case either…

When I upgraded to P2.2, I seem (touch wood) to get better burning results - but the main problem is the security error when playing KOTOR - the program crashes on start up or displays a securom error (that the disk is a copy, but it isn’t).

I would feel so much better if the drive were mentioned on the Philips website… it’s as if they don’t want to officially acknowledge that it exists…


Thank you very much. I wish I had known this earlier. Isn’t this a bit stupid? I see that 16x burners of other companies don’t have such big problems with 4x media as 16x Philips have. Also 16x media is not sold in my country. Should I go and buy an extra 4x burner now?

Yes Jan70, we would really appreciate your help on this. I am at the point of returning the drive.

Howard Moon you are completely right. Tech support is everything but tech support. :a


Jan70 has received new firmware for the drive (2.4 according to his post).

It doesn’t mention the game disk problem, but you never know… this might be the one!!! :smiley:



I can’t wait to test it. Hope we all solve our problems. :slight_smile:

No. 2.4 is no good. There seems to be a slight improvement but the game still crashes. I am totally hopeless.