Philips DVDR1640 and TDK DVD-R 8x

Can anyone confirm that this media works with this drive? and also is this drive a good buy (at £28)?

Many thanks.


for the same price you could get the philips 1628/1648!

Thanks Bichon,

Where can I get it for the same price and whats the main differences??

and does it burn with the TDK 8x dvd-r (got stuck with a load of this media!!)

Thanks again.

What is the media code of your disc?

I know there has been some quality issues with TDK’s TTG02 discs. I for once couldn’t get a decent burn at rated speed (8x) on my 1620, no matter what I did. Burning them at 4x improved the quality though.

code is TTH01.

About to buy the Phillips 1628 G/00, I assume this is a better drive than the 1640??

Informazioni generali
Firmware: BEFB Write Speed 8 X
Disco: DVD-R (TTG02) TDK DVD-R 8X
Velocità selezionata: 8 X
PI errors
MAX: 9
Average: 1.23
Totale: 3170
PI failures
MAX: 6
Average: 0.05
Totale: 191
PO failures: 0
MAX: 9.6 %
Average: 8.16 %
Scansione statistiche
Tempo trascorso: 4:41
Number of samples: 6563
Intervallo scansione medio: 8.19 ECC
Anomalie eliminate: 0

TTH01 seems to be better than TTG02 from what I’ve seen.

The Philips 1640 is older than the 1628 or 1648 (which are the same with different bundle). The 1628/1648 are identical to the Benq 1640.
The main difference with the Philips 1640 is the write speed for DL (+/-) medias and RW media. This new generation drive also has the Solidburn Technology. If you don’t know what it is yet, just google it :wink:

Thankyou everyone for your help and advice, has been really helpfull.