Hi all

I have just purchased a Philips DVDR1625K and updated the firmware to P3.4.
I have been trying to write a move to Verbatim 4x DVD+RW and Philips 4x DVD+RW to play in my stand alone DVD player and my two PS2’s using bitsetting to DVD-Rom and all three players won’t recognize whets on the DVD, the stand alone player says unrecognised and the PS2’s won’t play.
Then I decided to write the DVD’s with bitsetting set to DVD+RW and both DVD’s play in all three players with out a problem.
Why is this I thought that to set the DVD+RW to rom made it more compatible if not a 100%?
Is there a problem with the drive its almost like its working opposite to what it should.
I have checked the DVD’s after writing to make sure the book-type is set correct.
Has any one else had or can help with this?

Many thanks


Any one know why all my players play dvd+rw when the booktype is set to rw and won’t play in any of the players when the booktype is set to dvd-rom?
Does this mean that all makes of writers with rw+ bitsetting are no good for bitsetting to dvd-rom and its just a useless extra or am I doing some thing wrong or is there some thing wrong with this writer? :confused:



Any one :bow:

Well… It’s a mistery… =) However recommended booktype for DVD+RW disc is DVD+RW according to QSuite’s manuals.

All Philips drives do write DVD-ROM booktype as this booktype has a higher compatibility rate compared to DVD+RW booktype.
However, you are an example in which this is not the case, but you already found a solution.

Btw, Newer Nero versions do allow to change the booktype.

No written DVD’s are 100% compatible, it varies between 85% and 95%.