PHILIPS DVDR1625 vs NEC 3540, what to choose?



I’m going to buy a new DVDRW tomorrow and i dont got a lot to choose from, either the NEC 3540 or the DVDR1625. Burn quality is the most important factor here, the Gamecube (which some media is going to be used with), is rather picky … What should i choose?

I’ve read a lot of good things about Benq and to my understanding Philips is the same hardware?

(…and no, i cant wait and order some other drive from the internet, i really need the drive tomorrow.)


I have the 3540 and it’s a fine burner, but I am waiting on the BenQ 1640 that according to one person is already at Circuit City.

If it is that important that you need it tomorrow then if you are using +R media go with the Benq 1620. If you are using mixed or -R media get the Nec.
In both cases the better the media the better the burn. I only use TYG02 printable discs myself for anything important.

If it is between the Benq 1625 light scribe writter and the NEC then the NEC IMO for sure.
Get Liggy and Dee’s firmware for the NEC if you go that route in the NEC forum.



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Philips DVDR1625 hardware is actually identical with Philips 1640 or BenQ 1620 thus can be crossflashed.

I would choose Philips and crossflashed with BenQ firmware B7V9 and MCSE speedpatch, will be a faster reader than the NEC, reports complete error parameters in Nero CDSpeed Quality Scan, and a very good burner.


Thanks. I’ll go for the Philips DVDR1625 then, the review of Benq 1620 has influenced me now :wink:


My above comment was based on this thread: whats the difference between philips dvdr1640k and DVDR1625K?? :wink:
Good luck!


Ok, i found a guide posted by Ma_Jie on the forum… it wasnt meant for the 1625, but i guess it’s the same procedure, or is there anything that needs to be added? Thanks.