Philips DVDR1620K Problems



Hi there,i bought this burner yesterday,and as yet,i havent burned a single dvd yet,i either get a fail message,or it just seems to stick at a various point during burning.
The one time i thought id completed a burn,it failed me right at the very end,could not complete disc at once,that did piss me off.

I can use the burner to rip with DVD decryptor,but cant burn a dvd.

I replaced my old burner with the new one,set it to master.
There was no driver disc or anything,just says its plug and play,when i installed it,and rebooted my PC,it found new hardware.
Although it says its DVDR1640P not 1620K.

Ive tried the burner on its own,didnt work,i put my old one back in,so they were both in,didnt work,i put my old burner back in,works no problem.
Took old one back out put new one in,tried again,didnt work.

My PC is a 2.8Ghz 512mb ram using XP Nero 6 DVD Decryptor
Like i said,i had no probs with old burner which is a Toshiba DVDRW SD-R5112

I went on the Philips website,and downloaded an upgrade,that still didnt work.

When it seems to stick,which it has just done,it was on 13% for 15mins,i cancel the operation,and it still carry on looking like its burning,the LED is red and DVD shows up in blue,it wont let me eject the coaster,i have to turn PC off at the plug socket.

Its making me real mad now,as im really a newbie to this,and theres nothing i can think of to do to fix things,hence why im here.

Can anyone help me please??

I thank anyone who will reply.

Thanks for reading



What is your media ID code? Use DVD Identifier to obtain the ID. Burn @ 4X. Are you using DVD Decrypter to burn in ISO mode? Can you burn CDs? Go into Device Manager and remove both Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Reboot and PC will reload driver. Verify that the drive is running in DMA mode.


have you got the master/slave jumper in the correct position?
check the diagrams again.


Thanks to the both of you for trying to help,but im taking the damn thing back tommorow,i know nothing really about this kinda thing.

sarahjh69 the jumper was in the master position.

furballi i dont have a clue what the media id code is,or how to find out.
I was burning at 4x as the discs i have at the mo are only 4x
I was using decryptor to rip,dont know about iso mode
I tried to burn a disc,but it wouldnt accept my blank (memorex actionX Cdr)
As im not that great with PC`s,i didnt try and remove primary and 2ndary ide channels

Thanks again for your help


Before you throw in the towel and if you’re interested goto this site and download two free files. CD Speed and Nero Infotool.

After unzipping Nero Info tool, put one of your blank dvd’s in the drive and then run it. If you have more than one optical drive then select the Phillips. After it is done reading your computer. You’ll see a floppy disk icon at the top of the window next to the drive select window. Hovering over it with the mouse will show the name of Save. Click it and making sure all the boxes are checked save it as a text file.

Come back to CD Freaks and this thread and click on the Go Advanced button in the Quick Reply section. You’ll notice a button called Manage Attachments. Upload that text file and then someone can take a look and see if they can resolve your problem.

If you already knew how to do the file attachment I apologize, I was just trying to cover all of this in one message.