Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

I have a Philips DVDR (model # 3390). I burned a concert I had recorded on my DVR onto a DVD+R disc. This concert video used to play using WMP10 on this same computer, but now it’s a no go.

Any ideas?

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Could you give us more information, particularly whether there is an error message or something?

You might like to consider a freeware alternative to WMP, such as the freeware VideoLAN VLC:

The error is:
“Windows Media Player cannot display subtitles or highlights in DVD menus. Reinstall the DVD decoder or contact the DVD drive manufacturer to obtain an updated decoder”

I have VLC and it won’t play it either (but it plays on my laptop w/ WMP10 and on my Mac…and it played on my desktop pre-WMP11). It’s really more a matter of getting my computer to do what I want =)

I’ve tried RE-burning it w/ DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD2 (C-DVD2 can’t even touch the Video_TS folder).

Thanks for the info/help!