Philips DVDR 520H same as Lite On 5045?

Just bought a Philips DVDR 520H and then a Lite ON 5045. They must be the exact same unit in different cases and a larger HDD on the Lite On.
Manuals nearly same, OSD/GUI nearly identical; front panel recoding lights are both blue and in same place; same function push buttons on the units (just laid out on the case differently); both are 4 disc type compatible; etc.
Anyone else think this?
PS, got the Lite On from New Egg, not much more money than the older Phillips bought elsewhere. The Phillips went back because it would not recognize any DVD to play or record. I doubt I will want a replacement. It was made 4/2004. Lite On was made 2/2005. The Lite On remote is much better.
Just FYI

This close similarity has indeed been remarked on, on several occasions (eg here). There’s no official confirmation though.