Philips DVDR 520H - replacement DDW-813S - from where?

Hello to all,

Just joined so I can ask you clever folks for some assistance.

I have ( a pile of junk!) Philips DVDR 520H recorder. The DVD has never really worked. Went off for repair pretty soon after prchase. We stopped doing DVD records, because hard drive was so much better.

Anyway by the time we came to use it again for recording dvd…it would not work…whatever I tried…now out of guarantee…sometimes doesn’t even play now.

All I want is a replacement dvd to go inside it to replace the noisy, unplayable rubbish supplied by philips.

Where can I get something - unit is the famous (at least on this site!) DDW-813S - to replace it. Either the same unit or a compatible one.

Mentioned elsewhere is firmware upgrade…whatever that is(lol)…any help with that would be most appreciated.


What is the country code for your Philips (ie DVDR520H/05)…?

I haven’t a clue. But this was bought and used in the United Kingdom…England.

I think it is not easy as it sounds.
Standalone recorders have their own Firmware/software to control the unit aswell the drive inside and the drive inside comes with SPECIAL firmware which in most of all cases cannot be dumped nor downloaded/flashed somewhere.

All I want is a source to buy DDW-813S - or an alternative…failing that…chucking the unit out.
Philips won’t supply replacement, and I couldn’t see anybody on google who sells them.

Yes the DVDR520H doesn’t use a standard DVD RW unit.

There is a firmware upgrade for this model, but it depends when you bought it and what the country code is. Click this link to download a PDF with the instructions (section #4) on how to determine the firmware already on board:

Perhaps you also could describe the signs and problems you had with the recorder.

BTW did you not consider getting it repaired under the guarantee?

Ok…forget the firmware question…when selecting system menu…no details are displayed in bottom right…no idea why.

[B]So…does anybody know where I can purchase a DDW-813S [/B]

as for guarantee…well it’s been a tough year with lots of family grief, so it got put to the back of the list.

Transferring to the Philips forum here…

hi Multinetting

I’ve had similar nonsense with my Philips DVDR 560H. 2 weeks back I fitted a Sony (pc component) dvd drive, model DRU-830. I had to file some metal tabs off the inner front panel support, and some filing is required to fit the Philips nameplate onto the front of the Sony disk tray. The recorder can now transfer movies recorded on the HDD to the dvd drive, for viewing on other dvd players.


I also have a Philips DVDR520H - the DVD fitted is a Lite-on 451S - guess what it has failed and I am also trying to source it. Lite-On & Philips have been no help. I do know that a conventional drive (eg NEC1300A) works electronically. The problem relates to the mountings, as ‘Multinetting’ says, the solution maybe to get hold of a conventional drive and attack with files & drills. It’s my next task… regards Brownmouse (LE13 UK)

I also need tro replace the DDW-813S in my DVDR 520H. I have tried with a Plextor PX-708A, but get “disk error” when I try to play DVDs. Would appriciate any information on compatible DVD recorders. Sony DRU-830 seems sto be one.

Brownmouse, did you actually test the NEC, or was that just an assumption?

Thanks in advance

If I remember correctly, the 520H is a Liteon-based model, the DDW813s is a Liteon drivesimilar to the 5045 and the ILO HD04, the 5026 also. If you are looking for a replacement drive and can do a bit of modding, you might try and test out one of these listed on this thread,, and some tips on modding here (a large thread)

Here’s some info on the firmware, I’ve read that the ILO/Smart hacker program might work on the 520H.

If you’ve still got the motherboard for the DVDR520 and you’ve given up on it., I’d make you an offer for it. I’ve blown my motherboasrd. Let’s know. p.s. I’ve long given up on the DVD part and only use the HDD function. The DVd wasn’t even a sealed unit. it was comlpetely open and full of dust. Cheers, OneWay