Philips DVDR-3365 help with MV

I want to make LEGAL back-ups of my kids original DVD’s as they keep damaging them :disagree:
I am trying to copy from DVD PLAYER (pioneer dv344) to DVD RECORDER (philips dvdr-3365).

Yesterday i went and bought one of those “Digital Video Enhancer & Stabilizer” boxes that everyone claims they work perfectly in bypassing the macrovision Copyright Protection … but it does NOT work :sad: :sad: Tried to copy from dvd player to dvd recorder, tried to copy a vhs to dvd recorder and even tried playing the dvd player through the vcr line and then (dvd recorder) recording the vcr.
Unless i’m doing something wrong i just wasted $129 :sad: :sad:

Anyone have any suggestions? There is obviously a way to do it otherwise there wouldn’t be so many illegal pirated copies floating around out there.

Thanking you all kindly in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks :); however I would like to request that you don’t post the same question in two forums (a double-post), nor ask a separate question in an established thread (a ‘hijack’). It becomes confusing for everyone when trying to co-ordinate responses.

Since this is not really a Philips-specific problem, your post in the DVD +RW Video recorders forum (click here) is probably best left as the focal point for replies.

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