Philips DVDR 3350H updating/changing the HD

Another question on the philips dvr 3350h. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to replace the HD within this dvr. It comes with a 80GB standard IDE HD, I was reading about it and only found procedures for the LG and Sony models. The idea is to replace the original one for a bigger one. Any ideas?

I doubt it’s possible. Never heard of a successful Philips HDD swap :disagree:

For this model and some other models like 3455H and 3360H, you need a special firmware to format the HD (or new HD) so that it can be used with the HD recorder.

This is similar to what it is necessary to do with some other dvrs.
Any idea where to get this firmware?

Unfortunately this HD format tool is not open to public so it is unlikely to get it.

Would it be possible to use a HDD Duplicator, like a LogicCube Echo, to copy the orig. formatting off of the 80GB HDD onto a larger capacity drive? Or is the firmware built in or flashed to the HDD controller board?