Philips DVDR 3305 won`t finalise disc

Hello all

When putting camcorder footage onto disc (Philips DVD+R,1-8X speed) it won`t finalise the disc, just comes up with error.
Had no problem when finalising a programme copied of the TV.

Can anybody help please

There are two options:

  1. On older Philips units, the ‘force finalise’ procedure was this: open the drawer of the recorder and insert the DVD+R disc. Do not close the drawer! Press and hold the ‘4’ button on the remote control of the recorder until the drawer closes. The display should show “Finalize”, and after a few minutes it’s complete.

  2. If you have a PC with DVD rewriter, then you can just write any old short text file to the disc and finalise it with the burning software (eg Nero).