Philips DVDR 3305 missing an old feature

all of my previous Philips DVD Recorders had a feature where u could press the FSS button during recording to add a chapter which was useful if u wanted to edit out commercials etc…the new 3305 model doesnt seem to have this…Unless someone out there knows something that i dont???

I thought it was pressing the <EDIT> button whilst recording that did it?

no,i just tried it…it was the EDIT button on my old 880 but my dvdr70 remote had a FSS button which did it…

Just press the OK button on the remote control to add a chapter.


Similar question, is there a quick way to add chapters to a recording you have already made? Unless I’m doing something wrong, I’ve got the following problem which works but just makes the whole process really drawn out:

Play back a recording, use the edit button to enter the edit menu. Use insert chapter command to enter the first one. You can contiune to watch the recording back in real time with the edit menu on screen, and contiune to insert chapters, however my problem is if I want to fast foward throught the recording to where I want to insert the next chapter I can’t because the right arrow button continues to control the on screen edit menu rather than the playback speed of the recording playback.

The only way to get off the edit menu is to press edit, which then updates the disc (with the previous chapter change) and then takes you back out to the Title screen, so you then have to go back into the recording and repeat the process for the next chapter.

I’m sure there must be a way to skip through a recording dropping in chapter markers without all this hassle, or do you have to insert chapters in real time playback on stored recordings?

Any tips would be great…