Philips DVDR 1660

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For those curious few. #1 Limited QSuite features #2 Scanning not as comprehensive as it’s BenQ (1650) stablemate.

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1 burn of each (MCC 03RG20 & MCC 004) with default settings. So SB disabled WOPC enabled (note no OS faclility).

In previous post I meant no WOPC not OS. OS was disabled.

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1st burns for MCC 03RG20/MCC 004. SB enabled OS disabled WOPC disabled (Quikees WOPC Tool :bow: ) As you can see a problem with MCC 004.
BTW When scanning with the 1660 (really a BenQ 1650) would only scan @2x.

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2nd burns, everything as before.

Thanks zebadee taking your time and testing out “Philips” firmware on BenQ 165*. :clap:

Did you find out why one of your MCC-004’s gone coastered. :confused:

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pinto2, no visable reasons for the failure. So sorry no idea. My media (both MCC 03RG20/MCC 004) currently being used is the last of a batch acquired some time ago (having a clear out), so whether this has any bearing on results who knows.
OK the next burn.

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4th. burns MCC 004 does it again. :a This time however a blemish in coating was clearly visable the size of a thumbprint.

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Same media different batch. Not that impressive apart from the high PIE (or lack of) at beginning with MCC 03RG20. Also instead of giving up with MCC 004 it’s dropped speed to 12x.

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I’m going to flash back to a BenQ now. I would like to say that this (1660) is a very good drive. If I had one & was concerned about warranty I’d not be too upset about the advantage if any the BenQ may have. Personally I believe & this to me is ironic, but BenQ seems to get more out of SB than the Philips. The 1660 does appear to need WOPC enabled @ 16x.
In conclusion I’d probably stick with default settings for the1660.

zebadee, thanks for the tests.

Default settings for Philips is SB ON for known media while BenQ is SB Off. Can you confirm that SB is ON as default for your Philips?

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See post #1 this thread. On crossflashing to Philips 1660 from BenQ 1650 I ran QSuite to see what functions if any. Under the SB tab it showed SB disabled for known media. However just checked on pc with no internet capability. (Built for a neighbour). BenQ 1650 crossflashed to Philips 1660 checked Qsuite, again under SB tab disabled for known media. Did two burns 1 with MCC 03RG20, 1 with MCC 004. After running tests checked QSuite SB still disabled for known media, yet in the learned memory was MCC 004 but no MCC 03RG20. Go figure. When doing my original tests, I enabled SB via CD/DVDSpeed. So this, if present then went unnoticed. I did note however that the first burn of MCC 004 was actually the best. Hence my ‘misplaced’ conclusion to leave @ default meaning SB disabled. Perhaps this is a peculiar side affect of crossflashing.
BTW I do mention in post # 4 drive is 1650 crossflashed. In future I’ll try to remember to stress this at beginning of thread. I wanted to test drive in known system before installing in the other pc. At the same time I had been asked for some scans of a Philips 1660 & thought of killing two birds with one stone.

It’s A Benq 1650 Oem?

Don’t think there should be any doubt about that. :slight_smile:

zebadee, I don’t think it was about your “‘misplaced’ conclusion”, and I know for sure it’s not about any “crossflashing side effect”. :wink:

[I]Sidenote.[/I] I’ve been on Philips 1648 2.3 firmware with my DW1640 quite many times and SolidBurn for known media has always been activated by default.
It would surprise me a lot if 1660 is any different in this aspect…

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zevia + pinto2, I don’t doubt what say. In fact I now have proof your both right. In the past when crossflashing to a Philips it has always been a means to an end. (Relating to some ‘fix’ I would be trying on a BenQ). Added to this I’ve got into the habit with BenQ off enabling SB straight after upgrading f/w. So not trying default. What may have happened here is that out of instinct I changed SB setting. (So as it was already enabled, I disabled it :doh: ). Sorry folks.
@ WeCanFly9292 No it was a 1650 retail, the 1655 I’m using in these pics is oem.
Just throwing in QSuite after flashing back to 1655.