Philips DVD952

Ik ben opzoek naar meer informatie over de Philps DVD952 speler, niet de technische informatie maar informatie of deze regiovrij is of te maken valt, of MP3 afspeelbaar zijn(ja)… videoCD’s…
En als iemand ervaring heeft met deze DVD speler, of een andere recentie ergens weet te vinden… is er ergens eigenlijk een goed DVD forum te vinden? Ik ben inmiddels wel DVD tegen gekomen.

alvast B-dankt

Volgens hier speelt het ding vcd’s en mp3’s ook af.

Er is hier een modkit voor.

Op eigen risico :

User manual

Put your player into standby mode, wait about 5 seconds, and start it up using one of the buttons on your remote control from the table below.
If you are turning on your player with the [0] button and a disk is already in the drive, it might be played
incorrectly. To avoid this, either performs a power cycle or eject/reinsert the DVD. As your selection (from the table) is stored, you can/should turn on the player with the power or play key in order to avoid this problem.

Remote control command Function
[0] Region 0 (Auto Region Selection)
[1] Region 1
[2] Region 2
[3] Region 3
[4] Region 4
[5] Region 5
[6] Region 6
[7] Region 7 (ships)
[8] Region 8 (airplanes)
Skip < PAL60 Hz *
Skip > NTSC *

  • This feature only available on the Philips 730/735/930/935 - modification /002.

„The Kid" - DVD disc
Most Philips DVD Players are unable to play the Movie „The Kid" region 1. The player is crashing and might erase the settings memory. A „codefree" modification without chip (common practice of some competitors) might be lost (including the paid money).

Reset of player
If a Philips DVD Player seems to be out of order, we suggest activating the factory settings. This can be done pressing the following buttons on your remote control in sequence [PLAY] [1] [5] [9] (some dashes will appear) [0] [0] [1] [0] [0] [0] [0] [0] [0] [0] [0] [0] [PLAY]. As your Player is equipped with a chip reprogramming the region code of your player on request, the modification cannot get lost.

En dan is hier nog een generale bypass. Ook op eigen risico.