Philips DVD8801

The Philips DVD8801 is it a rebadged BENQ drive? What model? I’m just curious about it since it’s on sale at for $29.99.

Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think this was answered a while ago… :wink:

Man, that’s cheap.

Thanks for the info. pinto2. Can this Philips drive can be crossflashed to use the official 1650 firmware? I’m assuming it can.

I’m sure you can. :bigsmile:

Thanks to Philips (for WinDWFlash), Quikee and zebadee who posted the linked guide. :slight_smile:

pinto2 thanks again for replying!!! I’ve only crossflashed OEM drives and never did a Philips one. But unfortunately took that Philips drive off their ongoing anniversary sale. It’s now at the regular price of $37.99! :frowning:
Who knows maybe they saw this thread!!! :slight_smile:

My Philips 1660P1 (retail) has been crossflashed to BenQ DW1650 and DW1655 quite many times for the last two weeks.
Just use WinDWFlash and you’r king. :bigsmile:

[I]Edit.[/I] Then BenQ DW1655 at newegg still is a better choice for US citizens. :stuck_out_tongue: