Philips DVD8701

Philips DVD8701 not rcognized by Win XP MCE 2005 Dell .
Trying to make Video DVD using Media Center (“Create CD/DVD” option).
I successfuly did one recently - home video .WMV file, size 1.4 Gb.
But this time Media Center starts “Creating DVD Process”, shows progress bar and after few seconds - message “Error Creating DVD”.
Blank DVD+R disc (Verbatim 4,7 Gb 16X) ejected.
System: DELL DM501, 512 RAM, Win Xp MCE V. 2002 SP2.
My actions/results:

  1. Sonic MyDVD LE gives the disc information as DVD+R, Blank Media with
    Free Space 4,482.6 Mb
  2. Win Explorer can’t open drive D and read inserted blank DVD+R or CD-R disc info: after left click message “D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Function.”
  3. When blank DVD not inserted - Explorer shows "DVD-RW Drive (D:).
  4. When previously burned DVD inserted with .WMV file - Explorer shows “[my dvd label] (D:)”. Playing this video using MediaPlayer or MediaCenter is OK.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.