Philips DVD8701 to Benq1640

i want to flash my drive for better results.

I have read these steps:

but I cannot find Todays latest drivers for Benq1640

it only shows me these, which i don’t know are the latest:

A 1640CVT (binary) firmware. I used: 1640BSGB.ZIP.


just check Benq Germany Support website as these have a good collection of firmwares for that drive.


im not sure which one I should use. I need instructions here.


I read alot of people use BSLB firmware? which i can’t find

I use both + - Ty media which firmware is best???

<a href=“”>BSLB Firmware</a>

I would bet this person needs .cvt file. Am i wrong?

i think i use the cvt file then restart and apply the firmware. So bslb is the best for - + media?>

If he’s using WinDWFlash, then yes, he would need to use the .cvt. I personally used BQFlasher when I had my Plex 740a @ 1640.

where do I get qsuite???’ I need it for my BSOB firmware

I want to enable WOTC if it’s not already.

WOPC is enabled by default on Benq drives.

For Qsuite2.1 google it. You will find it everywhere mate. :iagree::iagree: