Philips DVD8701 CD-DVD speed slow

I am not sure if I am getting accurate reading in Nero CD-DVD speed. Just got a new Dell with this drive. I select speed = 4x in the Disc Quality Test and it barely moves over 1x during the test. The results show ZERO PIFs, which I highly doubt. Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Does the DVD8701 not support this test fully? I tried DVDInfoPro and it also crawled at 1x speed with no PIFs. I am really eager to see what kind of burns I am getting with this drive.

The Philips firmware does not support PIF scanning, so you get 0 PIF errors. The firmware also does not allow scanning at higher speeds. This is why the scanning freaks here dropped their warranty and crossflashed to the Benq firmware.

Thanks, I cross-flashed it to a BenQ 1640 and got the latest firmware. Now I can scan using DVDInfoPro normally, but for some reason, Nero still won’t go past 1x on the Quality test.

An upgrade to latest Nero CD-DVD Speed might change this.


Thanks, tried that, and it got as high as 1.85x, but no higher.

Check you have DMA enabled.

Delete the IDE-channel (in device manager) drive is connected to and restart your compu. :wink:

DVDInfoPro runs at normal speed, just Nero runs slow for some reason.
Didn’t get such a great burn with the Philips firmware. Have yet to try with latest BenQ

I also have the Dell 8701 crossflashed to a 1640. I usually get good burns with Fuji (TY) and Maxell (MCC) +R media. And some not-so-good burns with some Staples (CMC) media I got on sale, although it still plays in my DVD player. Some Philips -R media I had also worked well.

Scans with DVDInfoPro and Nero CD/DVD Speed usually start around 2-3x and go up.