Philips DVD8631

Release Date: 2004-10-22
Version: AH02
This is a firmware update for Philips DVD8631 16X DVD +RW/-RW DL drive.

Actually the file is dated 4 oct

Looking at the file the very first line reads like this:

BENQ2   *                       ZZ30  DW1620    HP****

Is this just a rebadged benq? any news about it?

The file can be downloaded here

Tried the firmware update, get error: “Optical drive NOT found” and stops.

I have one of those OEM DVD8631 drives that came with my Dell. I could use some suggestions as I think I’d rather make this a BenQ for the decent firmware support.

Read this thread and look at post #6 and #9. You should be able to cross flash it in DOS IMHO to a Ben DW1620 G series firmware then go to a G>B firmware conversion, but at your risk.