Philips DVD8631 to BenQ DW1620=Success!



I always like to see posts that wrap up a problem (with lots of details) so I’ll post mine…

Platform: Dell XPS Gen 3 running XP SP2
DVD burner: Philips DVD8631 FW BD10 November 2004
DVD STB: Samsung DVD-S221
Disks: TYG02 Taiyo Yuden -R

Problem: Burned -R disc won’t play on the S221 (in fact I took the disk to BB and CC and it wouldn’t play in a brand new Samsung or a JVC or a Marantz…they should all play -Rs). I tried upgrading the FW from Dell to CD21…no luck). +R’s work fine.

Solution: Used WinDWFlash to flash to G7L9 (you may be able to skip this step), then used the same WinDWFlash to flash to B7P9. Now the drive is a BenQ DVD DD DW1620 and it burns disks that my Sammy can read!

Got the flash tool and the .cvt’s from the unofficial BenQ website (you need WinRAR to extract the .cvt).

Be careful of those that post and say, “Mine works great!”. They probably haven’t tried the disk on multiple players only one or maybe two. The combination of media/burner/player is important. I tried my disk (that was burned with the Philips FW) on at least five computers and about eleven set top boxes to find out that it did not work on some combinations.

With that said I am making one final assumption…the successful disk I just burned that will play on my Sammy has not been tested on all those other machines. I will do that. If it doesn’t work I will post here. But for now I think it will work.

Thanks everyone!!!


Thanks for the above info. I have a question:
I think I have exact same problem as the above - but want to clarify:

Did your original burned DVD-R disks work FINE on your DELL, but would NOT read in your S221? (I have the Phillips DVP642 - and they don’t read)

If so, I may try your solution above…
THANKS…this may save me from buying a new Drive.


Did the flash to the latest BenQ DW1620 - AND IT NOW WORKS ON my DVD PLAYER!
thanks for the info!


I had this problem with +R media. I had “G” Firmware loaded at factory (I think it was G7H9) and I did a couple burns using it - after reading the forums here a bit I had used WinDWFlash and went to B7T9 (at that point in time T9 was out!) and it worked like a charm. Problem I had though was my stand-alone players would start the disc but the discs would skip/stutter, etc… New firmware is, at least most of the time, better. hehe