Philips DVD8601 Write Error at 50%

Hi all,

I have consistently gotten a write error at exactly 50% when attempting to burn a .ISO file to DVD-9 media. I have a Philips DVD+RW DVD8601 drive. I am burning to Dynex Double Layer DVD+R disks. I have used both DVD Decrypter and Nero 7 as burning programs, both have given the write error at exactly 50%.

I have 4 coasters now sitting on my desk and this is getting quite frustrating. Does my drive not know how to write to the second layer? I’m at a loss of what the problem is or what to do. Thanks for your help.

What is the MID code? Its probably D01, which sucks period. Try to get your money back on the discs, tell them your burner does not like them!

Also Nero does not support writing DVD+RDL movies, it does not set the layer break properly. If you use DVD D. you need to rip the iso and include the mds file, then burn the file using “iso write” mode.

I don’t know what a MID code is, but I’ve tried using DVD Decrypter like I said. I’ve done it using the .mds file, in iso write mode. It gives a write error at 50% exactly like Nero does. This leads me to think my problem must be with the drive or discs, but I don’t know which.

I just tried 1Click DVD Copy, same exact problem at 52%. “Invalid Address for Write.” I get this same error no matter what program I use for burning. Is this a media or drive issue?

Go download DVD Identifier & it will tell you the real manufacturer of the disc (The MID code) as eric93se said it’s very likely to be “RITEK D01” which is a very poor quality media, most DVD writers have trouble writing this media anyway.

You should check for a firmware update to see if Philips have made any improvements so it at least finishes the burn but the quality will still be terrible. The latest I know of is this one from Dell v.KD10, A04 the DVD8601 is an OEM drive which is why Philips don’t host the firmware themselves. Also you can crossflash the drive to the BenQ 1620 but you lose your warranty if you do but you will be able to at least finish burning those RITEK D01 discs if you do.

If you want decent quality DVD+R DL stick to Verbatim DVD+R DL discs they use the MKM dye which is much more reliable.