Philips DVD737 Angle Marker

Hi guys,
I recently got a Philips DVD737 and when I watch DVDs with an alternate angle feature I cannot get rid of the Angle Marker which appears in the top right corner of the screen.

I found that I can remove it by cycling through the display options on the remote, but as soon as a new scene starts the marker returns. This is really bugging me as with ever other DVD player I’ve used you can remove the marker for good, but I cannot find how to do it with this one. Am I missing something? I will be extremely greatfull for any help you guys can give me.


Welcome aboard to the CD Freaks forum :wink:

The only button I can see that clears this angle marker is the ‘Display’ button, a button common with most DVD players and recorders for showing and hiding on-screen information.

Unfortunately, there is no mention in the manual about permanently removing on-screen info during playback, so if this Angle marker keeps reappearing scene after scene, it may be a characteristic of the player. :rolleyes: