Philips Dvd...unreliable

After a blaze of publicity the launch of Philips DVD recorders had most of us excited but a few years on their recorders have proved an unreliable flop.
The first model, the overpriced DVDR 1000 cost £1300 and was soon to be revealed as a heap of junk. The early models where all catastrophic failures, the DVDR980 noticeably so.
Added to this catalogue of calamity numerous recorders where returned back to Belgium for laser replacements at Philips expense.
The company didn’t fix the recorders for free out of the kindness of their hearts, they had no choice, In countries such as the UK the law states that when an item is purchased by the consumer it must be ‘fit for the job it was sold to do’.
Clearly these units where not.
They were not tested at the factories, they were simply released for the consumers to find the faults.
Philips were at one time getting prepared to pull out of the DVD recorder market amidst all the chaos.

The Philips DVDR1000 Mark 2…No more reliable than the Mark 1

Pathetic…The Philips self test always shows ‘Pass’ regardless.

The Philips DVD728 player from ‘Sainsbury’s on-line’…This £80 job produces a better picture than the £900 Philips DVDR MK2. The latter having ‘Digital motion and Progressive scan’…what a load of nonsense. :doh:

I suppose I am one of the few lucky ones, I have the dvdr985, and so far
(knocking on wood) no problems. I only have 1 issue, and that is that it’s a real pain in the ass to make copies of the disc once its recorded. Mine was purchased in late 2003, and I havent used it a real lot, I have made plenty of recordings with it. I’ve read so many horror stories about these units, I am almost afraid of using it, but I do use it often. I am going to step it up and transfer the rest of my old vhs tapes before the unit dies. Strange that I don’t hear about any of these units working well, does anyone have one of these that are working without any problems, or am I the only one?

You are indeed the lucky one! :iagree:
I would convert your video’s onto DVD whilst you can!
The first sign of your machine packing up will be an error code message beginning AB******* and then your recorder will have trouble reading discs.
If you are burning home video footage onto the DVDs keep the master tapes, remember a DVD+RW disc can be erased even if it is ‘protected’ using your DVD recorder.
Furthermore a DVD+R is also ‘not safe’ until it is finalised.
Once you have a finalised disc making copies is easy, I use Sonic MyDVD deluxe. Good luck! :rolleyes:

Hmmm… I thought that the days of generalised Philips-bashing were over, but it seems not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to share their experiences, especially when you’ve paid out a lot of money for recorders that don’t work. However I think some the content of nicadair’s posts needs to be challenged, since there’s a lot of subjectivity already been written about Philips recorders and we don’t need it all brought up again in a forum that has objectivity as its aim.

  1. Satisfied Philips users will rarely report this to forums designed to help people with problems; a point that’s been made many times before. Hence any generalisation about ALL Philips DVD recorders being useless carries little logical weight.

  2. I certainly disagree that the DVDR980 series was a noticeable “catastrophic failure”. However, perhaps you were thinking of the DVDR880/890, in which case I’d be more inclined to agree.

  3. I’d also be interested to see the source of evidence that the units were not tested at the factories. To my knowledge this information has never been made available (even though the timing of subsequent OPU failures makes it unlikely that point testing at factory would have revealed anything).

  4. Not all Philips DVDR failures give an ABxxxxxx error as the primary event. Many that I am aware of simply show a progressive disability for recognising disc types.

  5. Note that 'nicadair’s valid point about keeping original video tapes applies to all DVD recorders, not just Philips, because the dyes and phase-change materials used in +R/+RW and -R/-RW recordable discs are not suitable for long-term archiving.

Is it true that Philips have had so many complaints about their DVD recorders they are fed up? Their websites ‘Contact & Support’ link will knock your internet conection off? Interesting. :cop:

No, it’s not true at least for me so you’ll have to be more specific if this is to be classified as “interesting”.

Having just tried access to most areas on that link it’s working fine. I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about, and any ‘knocking off’ of internet conections may be down to your ISP rather than Philips.

Do you have anything relevant to say about the points I made above?

I just want to add that since my unit is still working well, I love the features that it has, recording is easy, and the vcr plus feature is great! I’ll be heartbroken when it finally dies. Maybe they worked out all the problems when mine rolled off of the production line.

Thanks - it’s always good to hear of units working well :flower: and not being a hassle to their owners :).

The 98x series were specified quite differently for the US than the UK, I think… Progressive scan etc.

Apologies, it appears to be an AOL problem. :o