Philips dvd+rw problems

hi guys,
i’ve been searching all over the internet and have not exactly gotten an answer that i was looking for then found this forum so i really hope you guys could shed some light on this.

i own a philips dvdr 77 recorder and have a couple of philips dvd+rw which came with the recorder. while in a rush the other day i accidentally picked up the wrong disk, erased the video data and backed up my work on it. Now after erasing the data again and trying it on the recorder it is not recognised but instead the photo option comes up. what can i do to make the rw recognisable and recordable by the recorder? Please help…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :).

The method which usually works for all Philips recorders is to open the tray, place the disc in position, and close it by holding down the <CLEAR> button on the remote handset. You need to keep the button pressed down all the time until the tray takes the disc in.

If you don’t have a <CLEAR> button, then the <RECORD> button will do the same thing but just go straight into recording.

wow that was fast. i will give that a try now and post back again. but is there a way to like recreate the disc on the pc if the options u suggested doesnt work.

ok just tested. tried pressing (holding down) record button while closing the tray. it was reading the disc and still showed the photo option. same result while pressing the clear button.


I gave it a try again and guess wat… its working now. the recorder read it as rw and now is recording to the disc. Thanks again for the suggestion. cheers!