Philips DVD+-RW DVD 8631 vs. Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96

Is the Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96 supposed to be any better than the old Philips DVD±RW DVD 8631? Dell support assured me they were not sending me another Philips brand to replace the sketchy 8631, but guess what? They sure did send me another Philips anyway. I’ve read so many bad things about Philips burners, I want to know whether it’s even worth opening up the computer, replacing a questionable burner with another questionable burner, and of course using several blank discs for testing. Besides, I think I finally started using a good cd burning software (Burrrn) that is compatible with the 8631…And as a related topic, I was wondering if someone could help me with understanding the following results of my first scan (done on the Philips 8631), which I have posted in my other thread at Thanks!

The answer is yes. :slight_smile:

DVD8631 is also known as BenQ DW1620, a good drive. The scanning problems you have are related to drives firmware.
DVD8801 aka BenQ DW1650 is an excellent drive.

Take your time here and learn more about these drives. Philips/BenQ burners are some of the best ever made. :wink:

really? that’s good to know. I was just judging by problems I’ve had and some things I read at this place (, one of those Other forum sites. Well I’ve got the 8801/96 in there now, and I’m having trouble getting started with that and scanning…I guess that’s a new thread, though. Thanks!