Philips DVD+RW-D28

I’m having a lot of trouble using the 8x media bought from bestbuy… the brand is memorex 8x 50 peice spindles…

i upgraded my firmware for my phlips dvd+rw using the lastest firmware:

Firmware page

Philips D028 DVD+RW, v.1.68, A03
Release Date: 03/24/2004
Description: Provides support for 8x DVD+R media; write speed maximum will be 2.4x

However when i try to burn data using the latest nero, i get the error from the image posted. plus it seems like it stops burning onto the DVD+r at the same particular spot…

any solutions?

Thanks, homer

Homer, did you ever get an answer to your question. I am experiencing the same type of issue. The new firmware will not recognize the DVD +R 8x disk. If you found a solution could you update the forum. Thanks

yep ive got the same problem, i hope we get an anwer soon… it wouldbe a shame (As well as a waste of money) to throw away these new disks (Memorex DVD+R 25 pack).

Memorex is crap media, to say it clearly. That’s the root of all problems here…
BTW, what’s their mediacode??

OEM Ricoh MP-5125A

i’ve tried verbatim and others. my phillips dvd+rw-d28 won’t recognize any blank dvd or cd. i have version 1.68.

  1. This thread is dead. It’s over two years old.

  2. Your drive is too old. Buy a new one.