Philips DVD+RW 8x

i ahev some Philips DVD+RW 8x discs but when i try to burn to them it all goes fine in nero but nothing is written to them when i look through explorer. Why is this? Is it anything to do with the fact my burner is 4x speed and the discs are 8x?

any thoughts, any one?

Well… if your burner only supports 4x DVD+RW, then it doesn’t support these new 8x DVD+RW.
Use some 4x DVD+RW instead.

but i thought that 8x discs meant that you can burn up to 8x speed (i.e. 1-8x) not just at 8x?

Well, it isn’t that easy with RW as it is with R.
Each speed level means that a different burn strategy is needed.
8x DVD+RW is not 1~8x DVD+RW. :frowning:

Not with RW, same counts for CD-RW media.