Philips DVD recorder - what is this error?


What does this mean? It is a dvdr-980.

Can’t find any error code like that, even in the old forum. Presumably only Philips will know.

I had a DB error code on my DVDR77.
I spoke to a tech here in the states (who even asked
another tech nearby). They’re familiar with the AB codes, but not the DB’s. They were stumped. I originally got this code once a few weeks ago. Then it was fine for a few weeks. Then, out of the blue, it cropped up again. It turned out to be the same DVD+RW I had used a few weeks earlier (I had it marked). The other numbers on my code were different from yours though.

My recorder actually reboots itself when it doesn’t have a disc in so I don’t think it is disc-related. Philips have offered me a “discounted” 615 as a replacement so I’m currently trawling the web for reviews etc.

Are you strictly limited to that model or just that price range?

That’s what was offered by Philips Ireland but I’ve since learned that Philips UK are offering FREE replacements with their latest HDD/DVD Recorder model. So I’m looking into this. If I can get written confirmation of the offer than I’ll be on to Philips UK like a shot. I live in the UK (Northern Ireland) so I don’t know why I’ve been passed to their Irish people (although they are a hell of a lot easier to deal with).

Don’t you DARE pay them another penny! Hell with a discount - they should gladly replace it free of charge. Stay on them about it and don’t take no for an answer.