Philips Dvd Recorder/satalite Box

Philips Dvd Recorder/satalite Box

When I Connect Up Dvd Recorder(phillips Dvd Recorder/hard Disk, Dvdr3300h/05, To Tv, Satalite Box And Dvd Recorder Seem To Use Same Channel,(ext2), And Satalite Over Rides Dvd, Dvd Will Only Work Properly When Satalite Box Is Disconnected And Arial Conection Is Straight To Dvd Recorder.
Tv Is Phillips, Model No. 32pw8719/05 Prod No. Vnil 0521 009438. I Have Conected Up As Per Instructions.


In summary without using that much capitals:

DVDr300h is connected to tv (via scart ext1)
Satellite box is connected to tv (via scart ext2)

Satellite box seems to claim the scart in total.

Arial connection is connected to DVDr300h

I assume your question is to get both the satellite box and the dvdr3300h properly working.

Answer: Not. There are some devices that have a very powerful signal on the scart box.

My Xbox 360 has the same issue. If i want to game on my gamecube i have to shut down the xbox 360 completely or the xbox 360 will “take over the signal”. There is a mechanical scart selector in between GameCube and Xbox360, but that also doesn’t shut down the Xbox 360’s scart signal.

I think your dvdr300h recorder does the same as my xbox 360.

You could try a scart selector, but i doubt it’ll work.

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I have an older Philips DVD recorder (looking at replacing it as its started to get very picky with discs) and I have it connected up as follows

SKY+ Sat Box (RGB output over scart, dont use the VCR socket) > EXT2 on Philips DVDR (RGB in & out) EX1 > TV (in RGB). This uses 2 cables and makes a daisy chain.

This allows very good recording as you feed pure RGB signals over the scart. This also gets around the problem of working out which one should take control of the TV as when the philips DVD is in standby it feeds the RGB signal from the Sky+ box to the TV whithout any problems, turning on the DVDR takes over control.

Hope that helps abit

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