i have problems with my PHILIPS DVD-RAM SDVD8821 in my notebook
acer aspire 3102wlmi. and i found only one version EX31 and it dont help… it´s worst as before… pls help someone… i had before the update EX04, but i cant find this version…or other version…pls help

[sorry for my english :slight_smile: ]



yes i know about this,but i want something other…


There is no other.



I have the same problem.
Different from yours is that i have an: Acer Aspire 5602WLMi
My computer says the drivers cant be loaded into the memory.

The above link aint working so i am asking to someone…
Could you please repost the new link? :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried everything: System restore, Delete the drivers and reinstall, Dissable the device and enable it again, Nothing wont work.

Please help me :doh:
I need the DvD writer :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi and Welcome!

Then this is a Windows problem. Please check the signature from [B]chef[/B]'s post concerning deleting upper and lower filters.