Philips DVD-R610 media issues

Hi all!

I’ve been given this dvd recorder from my partners parents with the condition that i copy one of their VCR cassettes onto DVD.

I’m basically pretty good with electronics and working this sort of stuff out but i seem to have come up against a bit of a problem. I’ve got everything connected up together right and getting right up to the part where i’m clicking record on the dvd recorder and i’m just getting a message saying “X Error”.

Now i’m 100% sure all the settings are correct, and everything is connected together right so its come down to whether or not the dvd will work in the recorder. The recorder apparently doesnt recognise anything that is x8 speed or above, and the error that came up is stating that whatever i’m trying to do at the time isnt supported by the media thats in the drive.

The DVD i’m trying to use is Tevion DVD-RW 4x. It doesn’t have anything else on apart from that (It was probably the cheapest bundle pack they could find to buy). They work fine in my PC but seem to have no effect in the recorder. The system works fine as my partner is currently watching the video recording (old Cinne footage of childhood :P) which is playing from the VCR through the DVD player. The dvd player/recorder plays original and copied dvds fine so i assume everything is working fine from that end.

Sorry for going into so much detail but i’m hoping you can answer my questions.

  1. Does certain dvd media have issues with recording on certain dvd recorders?

(With these specific Tevion DVDs i can burn a movie onto them with my PC and they will play perfectly with the phillips recorder on my TV)

  1. Do i need to prep the DVDs before putting them into the recorder, or should i just be popping the dvd in the recorder straight out of the box.

Any help to get this sorted would be much appreciated as the ‘in laws’ are beggining to pester me about getting this done.

Welcome to CD Freaks, Simonbt :slight_smile:

I think the problem is that you are trying to record onto a -RW disc using a recorder that is restricted to +R and +RW physical disc formats only. The -RW will [I]playback[/I] on the same recorder if the recording has been made on another machine (or PC) and has been pre-formatted in DVD-Video mode, but there is no way to natively record on minus/dash format discs on the DVDR610.

The easiest thing is to get some +RW discs and have another go. Personally I would forget Tevion discs; Verbatim still make 1-4x speed +RWs and I’d recommend getting some of them. Failing that 4x should work.

Thank you, i’ll grab some + dvds and try them out tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how i get on :slight_smile: