Philips DVD-R1000 MKII

Guys, I’m emigrating soon (from the UK) and my Philips DVD Recorder won’t be much use as a recorder where I’m going. It’s not worth the expense in moving it across or risking damage in transit.

So I’m reluctantly going to sell it. It’s in superb condition, comes with all the original cables and packaging and has also had the laser unit replaced by Philips when it was under warranty (the usual philips problem).

Not sure how much it’s worth - if someone could give me an idea of how much to advertise for then I would be grateful. Also, if you are interested please email me on



Forgot to mention - it’s also multi region

I too have this model. It looks nice but is near the end of it’s usefull life.
It will become un-reliable with recording problems.
And as for the fancy leads which are supplied with it…I get a better picture on my cheap Philips DVD728 player (£70) using a scart lead than I do on my £800 Philips DVD1000mkII. :iagree: