Philips DVD+R(W) recorder

What types of DVD-R had the drive problems with to read? I mean, if you use Penmax or Princo, you can cause every drive to spindown…you won’t notice such issues with DVD+R because there’s less crap media around.

Yup the thing is less manufactuers make +R disks in fact almost all the disks are made by one manufactuer but rebranded.

There is a lot of crap “-” media than gives poor performance on the outer edges of the disk but you can buy the more expensive disks which give good performance throughout the surface.

I just tested some:

result: expensive Verbatim DVD-R (5€ each) and DVD-RW (10€ each) was read in every drive I tested without any issue.

LG 12x could not read
(1) Penmax DVD-R (error after 2,5 GB)
(2) Optodisc DVD-RW (didn’t even recognise disc!)
(3) Pioneer DVD-RW (could read TOC, but no single file)
and hardly read Optodisc DVD-R

LG 16x could not read Penmax (will check about Pioneer, Optodisc later)

Pioneer 115 and 106 read Optodisc/Pioneer without any issue, but had several spindowns with Penmax.

My simple conclusion is that I only use Verbatim media…:smiley:

Yeah I agree the Verbatim is one of the best DVD-R disks and can be read all the way through properly.

I just wrote 4,480MB <-- MAX :slight_smile: on a cheap White Label DVD-R and it works… so sometimes you can use those 70p disks instead of paying £4 for a Verbatim.