Philips DVD+R Media quality

Does anyone know about the quality of those Philips DVD+R Blank Media?
Thank you.

I bought these Philips DVD+R from Office Depot. Does that means these have CMC manufacture ID? And is CMC dvd a bad one? If it is bad, how do you define bad?
Thanks for anyone’s advice.

Generally speaking Philips DVD+R media is of good quality but since Philips doesn’t make their own media you can never be sure. I suggest you read through these search results for the word “Philips” in our DVD media forum. Bad media is media that has a too high error rate or media that quickly deteriorates over time (Princo for instance). It’s hard to give a definitive answer on quality. More information can be found in this Media FAQ.

Thanks for your reply.
I found out that my Philips DVD+R has CMC manufacturing ID.
I hope these discs will burn well.