Philips DVD+R DL (PHILIPS CD2) media.. my worst scan ever!



Today i got a Philips DVD+R DL disc and i burned it in my Nec 2500 ( 2510 Maddog 2F9 firmware). The scans are horrible! The quality test it’s made with a Liteon DVD-ROM but i think it can give you the ideia… Anyone here tried this media? :confused: Is this crap media…? I tried Verbatim DL media and it worked great on my Nec.


Not as bad as yours , but still the worst DL media i have used (between verbatim, Ritek and Ricoh). :frowning:


hmmm yes, my scan is worst but yours not good too. Well… no more Philips DL media for me!


I dont understand why Philips makes such a bad media like this, they are the DVD inventors!


Philips doesn’t make media. Its single-layer media was made by either Ritek (Ricoh code) or CMC (although as CMC goes it’s pretty good). I don’t know who’s making its double-layer media.


Since PHILIPS CD2 and CMC MAG D01 share the same writing strategy on NEC burners, I think that I have a theory who could be the real manufacturer :wink:


Liggy: Let me guess… Taiyo Yuden ? =)


Regarding these horrible results I thought of Optodisc or maybe Princo. :rolleyes:


Heh… I don’t know if Princo knows how to make a DL disc… maybe they glued 2 SL disc together. =P


lolol i must agree with that :bigsmile:


LOLOL Yeah!!! Where is TY DL media…? :bow: hope they have plans to do it!


Well I have two HP dvdrws. One is internal and the other is external. I purchased at a sale at big lots 3 50 packs of HP dvdrw’s and 2 philips dvdrs for $3.49 each. I think the pricing lady priced them wrong lol. They should have been $15.00 each. Anyway I used up all my hps and started on the philips. In the first philips spool I noticed one out of every 15 gave an error. The first error was the disc burned but would NOT play on my sony dvd player in the living room. I just purchased that this summer. However the discs played perfect in my philips dvd in the bedroom. I noticed since Philips did invent the dvd burning technology I went and purchased a philips for the living room. Everything is great until I get into the last Philips SPOOL. One out of ever 3 discs now have Errors. Right at the end at 99% of the burn. Just before it closes it. It gives the error then ejects the disc. This mainly happens with my new internal hp burner from new egg. However the external one does not give me any problems, but it did make those discs that only play on the philips. I NEVER EVER had the problem with the HP discs. I will stick with those when I run out of these crappy philips discs. I love philips dvd players but am not much on some of the other products. I dont care for the flat pannel tv’s either. The picture is too dark on them!