Philips DVD+r DL 8x

Anyone try philips DVD+r DL 8x? They are on sale this week (Canada). But I’m nervous to try any DL media except for Verbatim or Sony.
And what are the media codes?

They’re most probably CMC MAG D04 or RITEK S04. Verb’s are really the only choice for DL, but CMC is worth a try IMO :slight_smile:

Yeah normally I would only use Verbatim media codes DL, but these are $35 of a 25-pack, which is $50 off. So its tempting, but on the other hand I dont want to spend 35 for rotten discs.

I think they’ll likely be CMC. I’ve seen some good results with some burners anyway, if you think that you can return them just in case they work poorly I’d give them a try (or just send them to me :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Can you return blank media? What if youve used a couple, regardless if they work?


In most cases it will depend on the stores policy, so check with them first.

Just wait a couple weeks and Verbatim DVD+RDL will probably be on sale for $25-35/20pk :slight_smile:

The CMC DL may be not as good as Verbatim, but they are miles better than Ritek. What I really look forward to is sale on 8X Verb +R DL.

yeah the darn thing is last week the DL 8x Verbatims WERE on sale for $29 for 20. Which, is still a lot, but better than the full price, that’s for sure.
Thanks guys.

Yes, true.
Burnt a bunch of CMC MAG D04 and they were surprisingly ok.

got any pics of those? Quality scans I mean, not a picture of you and your nice new package of discs. LoL

Nope, have no reliable scanner drive here.

A successful scan with something like a Pioneer drive would prove the disc works pretty well.

Seeing as most pioneers will fail a TRT if they see high errors.

I’ve just made a scan, have used “faster” mode.

Scan quality went from 93% down to zero after the layer break.
I believe the problem is the media itself, it works fine with Verbatims, but all other DL media is [B]Inverted Stack[/B] stuff and the Pio has problems with them at the layer break, at least for scanning…

OK, here is also a quick scan of the disc. Surely not reliable, but better than nothing.

well thanks for doing it.

I have posted a scan in the Blank Media Tests Forum back in January:
I used Pioneer 111 for most of my DL burnings.

Factfinder, looks great.
Do they still work and what do you think about the media?

Hey, chef, how does your Pio scan the DLs :confused:
My 111L freezes at the layer break, the LED is lighting, but nothing happens until I hit the stop button :(. If I have understood correctly, this behavior is normal for Pioneers. But how… :confused: ?

DVDInfoPro worked, had a hard time at the layerbreak.
Nero cd dvd speed would only work in FAST SCAN mode, or you scan each layer alone.