Philips DVD+R crap?


I have jsut bought a 5pcs Box Philips DVD+R (2.4x) for 12.99 €, and burnt a complete disc on my NEC 1100A. Manufacturer according to DVDInfo is:

    Media Information       

Media code/Mfr ID RICOHJPNR00
Book Type DVD-ROM
Media type DVD+R
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
No of Layers 1

Okay, whenever I try to read this disc with one of my DVD drives, it works fine until half of the DVD, then there are markable spindowns of the reading drive, and the PO-rate of K-Probe increases to over 200! All data can be read, but only very slow at the end :frowning:

Now, is this normal? I suggest not? Can anybody give me good hints on whic DVD+R works fine with my drive?



This happens with Verbatim DataLife (not plus) 4x DVD+R disks on my Pioneer DVR-106D too. The 2x DVD-R disks burn fine. I hope it is the media and not the drive. :frowning:

The media code of these DVD+Rs are RICOHJPNR01. For more information and PI/PO chart, see this thread .