Philips DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG-R01) 50 pack for $9.99 **No rebates**

Not sure if this is a great deal… :slight_smile:

In my local circuit city, I just got some of these, the media code is CMC MAG-R01

Speaking to the salesman, he believes they will be in the sunday AD, so if anyone is interested it may be worth getting them asap, as they will prolly sell fast.

If that’s true, then this is a great deal. I’ve gotten R01s to burn at 8x with pristine quality. :slight_smile:

[If that’s true, then this is a great deal. I’ve gotten R01s to burn at 8x with pristine quality.]

What burner and firmware and also what software lets these burn at 8x. I did go over and verify they are indeed $9.99 for a 50 pack but just want to know if I have what it takes to burn these faster then 2.4x.


I burned these at 8x on my 1213s@1633s, it was a pretty good burn, If you use omnipatcher on the firmware with rec. tweaks it will change the strat to CMC M01 and allow upto 16X, although 8x is the fastest I could get and the burn be acceptable

Thanks I have a 851@832 using this firmware CG3E. Do you think I can use the omni patcher on this firmware. I have loaded the firmware into omnipatcher but never changed any of the defaults from the hack firmware above. If I was going to change it so the 832 can burn it faster what would I change. You may or may not be able to answer this. After I load it I find this particular media in the list then what just change the speed or double click it and another window opens to select another write strat. which would I choose I looked and under CMC Mag there is only E01/00, F01/00, F01/01 and R01/00. This selection is probably because its only a 8x burner. If you have some sugestions I would appreciate your input.

Thanks again

The strat switch is needed only for the 3S. For a 2S drive, simply hacking the speed up to 8x will do (IIRC, I put that into the OP rec. tweaks file). You should be able to do at least 4x. And if it’s a good R01 batch, you may even get 8x out of it. My R01 burns at 8x with a speedhack on my 451S@832S and with a M01 strat switch on my 1213S@1633S.

YMMV. CMC media quality varies, and the only CMC media that I have are HP-branded, which are known to generally be of better quality. I don’t have experience with any other brands that use CMC.

Thanks I will try this now.

Code65536 I made the change and if you would can you give me your opinion of the burn results. I made one burn with a NEC 2510 @ 2.4x and the other on the 851@832 @ 8x. The 8x I think looks better the the 2.4x. The top pic was burned on the NEC and the bottom on the 832. Also on the 832 the burn speed started out about 4x at about a little under 25% of burn the speed increased to 6x and about 50% thru it went to 8x is this ok.

Removed pictures by request from rwarrin.

Looks like a perfect burn. There’s a single PI/PIF spike at the start of the 8x burn, but that’s most likely just a reading glitch and can be ignored (if ignored, the quality score for the 8x would actually be better than that of the 2.4x). The overall quality seems to be typical for good CMC MAG R01 discs that I’ve seen in this forum.

Thanks for your help and input.